Name Description

The LVD_BVME_40 has four IO Banks made of 8 output channels each. Each bank has the Voh and Vol tunable using an on-board DAC converter that generates the reference voltage for the Operational Amplifiers used in the output stage. Each bank has independent Voh and Vol selection. Eight 12 bit DACs provide great granularity in Voh and Vol selection.

·  up to 40 digital output channel with the following electrical characteristics:
·  Voh fine tunable from 4.5V to 15V
(in 5 banks of 8 chan


The LVD_VREL32/64 is a relay output board for VMEbus systems. It is ideally suited for industrial control purposes where parallel outputs with different voltages are required. Only proven and reliable components are used in order to ensure perfect operation in industrial environments.

·  Double euro card with VME bus A16-D16 Slave interface
·  32 or 64 relay output, active closing contact
·  I/O via P0 and P2
·  Led status display
·  Relay states re-readable
·  Active opening contact


The VDIN-96 VMEbus compatible digital input board family offers up to 96 opto-coupled digital inputs on one 6U VMEbus board. It is ideally suited for use in industrial control and simulation systems which require a high number of parallel inputs. The VDIN-96 is available in different voltage I/O versions.

·  Double euro card with VME bus A16-D16 Slave interface
·  96 digital opto-isolated input channels
·  Change of state and pattern recognition interrupt
·  Input via P0, P2 and front